The Rio Cloud Dress in pure khadi cotton is made for fun times.

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This comfortable dress has a gathered back with crossover straps.  It can also be worn with a T-shirt.

Pure khadi cotton is hand spun and woven by villagers in their homes and is a symbol of sustainability and freedom.

The Rio Cloud dress has been block printed with a mud, wheat & natural tree gum paste; then sprinkled with sawdust to prevent the design smudging. After drying in the hot sun, it is dyed in natural indigo blue. The mud washes away to reveal the print design. Print position will vary.

Each piece is handcrafted by artisans in India: Wood blocks carved by Abdul. Printed by Padam. Stitched by Manoj. Designed by ravi in Melbourne, Australia.

This dress is machine washable separately. For full care instructions please see our care instructions.

Small: 8-10         Medium: 10-12         Large: 14

More sizes can be added upon request by emailing