I am driven by justice; my heart beats for people struggling with poverty, inequality, addiction, abuse and discrimination. While I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, I also spend extended periods in India, working closely with village communities in India, the country of my birth. In collaboration with the local community, we provide education for children living in slums, upskilling for women and medical camps in remote villages where there are no medical facilities. 

I had just finished designing a new range of block printed fabrics for interiors when my daughter Hannah asked me to make her a dress because she loved the designs. On the very first day she wore the dress to work, she received 24 compliments! She told me I had to switch to make clothing and I said No! Clothing design is challenging because we are all different shapes and sizes.

 But I couldn’t shake the thought.

We launched Ravi in September 2018.  



We are dedicated to the makers and you.

We are passionate about making exquisite textiles and clothes that make you look and feel great!

Our style is defined by the texture and feel of beautiful handcrafted fabrics designed with simplicity, clean lines and timeless silhouettes.

Our clothes celebrate the maker.

We are fully committed to preserving and promoting the welfare of the artisans who are an integral part of the making.  Drawing from the rich heritage of India’s artisans, each piece is made by men and women in their own homes and workshops, using skills that have been in their families for generations.  These age old processes are inherently sustainable and better for our planet.

We love showing you how the clothes are made, passing through many people’s hands to get to you.  We want you to know where your clothes were made, by whom, with what materials, in what conditions, how they were designed and how to look after them. 

As you get to know the piece of clothing that is being made just for you; and feel the texture of a hand spun, handwoven fabric, next to your skin, that you will have a connection to those whose lives are woven into the fabric as they weave, spin, print and sew your clothing. To imagine the sounds of the steady click clack of the shuttle as it flies across the threads, the weaver stopping occasionally to add another bobbin, fix a broken thread. The sound of their homes. Children playing. A cow mooing. The strains of music coming from next door.

There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness. M. Gandhi

Authenticity requires a certain measure of vulnerability, transparency, and integrity.

Our values are reflected in the choice of fabrics, the working conditions of artisans and makers, the effect on local communities and the positive sustainable impact that the clothes have on the environment.

Designed in Melbourne, Australia and handcrafted by artisans in India.