This brand is the result of my love for social responsibility to the community and design; ethically made clothing for women using natural fabrics that are hand woven and block printed in support of Indian artisans.  

I love all forms of creative expression – in people, culture and art forms. I love fabric and the myriad ways in which cloth is designed, embellished, worn and used.

I am equally passionate about social transformation.  I have focused on these two consuming interests, living and working both as a textile designer and a volunteer with diverse groups of people including slum dwellers, immigrants and addicts in disadvantaged communities in India.

Through this, I have developed a love and respect for people who are resilient despite living in difficult circumstances.




We all want our lives to matter and to make a difference in the world. Integrity, respect, transparency, sustainability, fair working conditions and ethical standards of work are our normal. Using natural resources with care and providing support to artisans is an integral part of what we do.


In support of India’s village artisan families, your clothes are made by men and women, using traditional methods that have been passed on to them.

Each piece is handcrafted by men and women in homes and small workshops.  We use natural fabrics that are hand spun and woven on handlooms.  Skilled artisans print with wood blocks that are carved by hand.  We use natural dyes and pigments.  The cloth is then cut and hand tailored.